STORY – Whtvrthebrand

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WHTVR. is what resulted from the day a 20 something girl living in London decided that she wanted to live her dream.

This girl, it's me. - Hi!

I've always had big dreams, but never really allowed myself to believe that they could become true. I was scared to fail, scared to even try.

I certainly needed a little push to finally allow myself to not care anymore and just give it a try. This could have come from time, inspiration, unforeseen life event, .... Whatever!

What matters is that I'm trying now. And what matters most is that I want to help you believe in yourself and chase your dreams too. I mean, we both know that you deserve to do whatever you want and be whoever you want, right?!

This is why WHTVR. was created.

WHTVR. offers evergreen clothes that reflect your carefree mindset, aiming to give you that extra push of confidence and coolness that will make you feel like you can achieve anything (which, we all know, you can). Indeed, if confidence can come from many different places, at WHTVR. we know it often comes through the way we dress. 


I'd like to thank you very much for your support and help in making my dream come true!

I genuinely hope you'll find the power you need through my brand and eventually make your own dreams come true!

And remember, you're too cool to care, so go for it!

- Pauline, founder of WHTVR. ♡